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Studio Family Ties

Suzanne Emanuel and son.                         Christine Riley and daughter Scarlett.

Daughter for pianist Chia-I Chen, a son (Drew) for tenor Robert Heyde and soprano Susan Lewis Friedman's daughter Abigail.

Soprano Molly Jo Bessey is pictured with son Nickolas Louis Rivelli . Molly Jo heads up her own MJB School of Music in the Boston, MA area. In New York City bass baritone Jeff Tucker is pictured here with wife Aya and daughter Sadie. Also in New York City, Dena Holland Duran with daughter Sophia.


Tenor Justin Carpenter with Logan. Baritone Craig Payne shown here with Miss Cadence Payne.  In St. Petersburg, Russia, bassYevgeniy Chainikov and Son.

Diane Cangelosi (left), with first daughter Aria and new daughter Eliana.
Soprano Heidi Yost-Marquardt (right), and brand new son Calan.

Mezzo soprano Ilse Apestigui sings professionally and lives in Kentucky with husband Loren and daughters Luisa and Lorena Baritone  Mike Cavalieri (middle), in Chicago with his two sons Peter and Paul and daughter Mia. Also in Chicago, mezzo Karen Schumacher Kovacks (pictured here with son Lucas), directs middle school choir and directs musicals in the Chicagoland area.


Sadie and Lyndsey Miller, Joeseph and Sara Stapley, Ginger, Tiffany and Benson Mortensen, DB, Abbigail and Jennifer Garrett in AZ. 

Two rows up: Isabella and Katie Vick (nee Mogerman) in Scottsdale, AZ, Tara (Anderson) & Trevor Lyons with 2 daughters and a son in Wisconsin and Yen-Yu Shih and family in Houston.  Naomi Barban Hoyt is here pictured with sons Jackson and Lucus after a bike ride in Columbus, Ohio.


Mezzo soprano
Chelsea Smith Jenkins (left), is pictured here with husband Dusty, daughter Carma and daughter Pearl in Maricopa, AZ, and a son not pictured.
  Emily Helvey (right) with daughter Moira Anne.    

JoAnne and Arthur Abroms with their three daughters live in Lancaster, PA.


Mezzo soprano Wendy Enoch Haines currently resides in Oklahoma with her two sons Jack and Scott and husband Kyle.


Left: DMA graduate Dr. JeeHyun Kim and her family.  Husband Hong-IL took this picture with daughters Betty and Cindy and son Eric after a Carmen performance in Seoul, Korea. Center: Jen Garrett & Family.  Right: Sookyoung Kim and daughters Jean and Lynn just before Sookyoung's ASU Graduation.

 ASU DMA Piano Performance Degree recipient Christine Yoshikawa (left), with daughter Catherine and husband Daniel Powell in Tallahassie FL. Tenor Raymond Gabbard (Middle) and his two children and wife Jacquie live in England where Ray performs and teaches.   Soprano San Ha Lee (right), and husband Youngiu show off her new son James in Seoul, Korea.

 Soprano Sun Kyoung Chung (right)  lives in Seoul with husband and sun and teaches at three universities there. Tenor Zane Knudtson (middle), is holding his new son Blake and first born son Asher.Former ASU Music Theater major Christie Chatfield Ganor (left), lives  in Los Angeles, CA with husband and 2 sons and performs in the LA area. 

 Tenor Michael Tully is in the a is pictured with daughter Julia.  Soprano Michelle Roth (middle), in Wichita, KS pictured here with her four sons.    Soprano Melanie Jardine (bottom left), is pictured here with husband Jim and Alexander and Lydia and a new son not pictured. Lyndsey Dawson Miller with Sadie, Carson & Brookie.

Debbie Hilger Blanco with husband Julio and Max, Shannon and Anna in Denver, CO.  Right are pictured Dr. Mark Lawlor and family in Stillwater OK.

Soprano Katie Heideman Jones lives with daughters and husband in Kent, WA.        Mark Fearey pictured here with his family, is musical director of the Phoenix Valley Youth Theater.