February 16, 2016



   Go Tell It on the Mountain           Arr. Mark Hayes 

Michael Koester-Hestand, baritone

Curtis Moeller, piano

Steal Away                     Arr. Christopher Ruck

Sara Sanderson, soprano

Rex Morris, piano

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen    Arr. Jay Althouse 

Christopher Reah, baritone

Grace Chin, saxophone

Rex Morris, piano

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 
Zhou Jiang, soprano
Haeju Choi, piano

The Gospel of Grace            Arr. Mark Hayes

Analise Rosario, mezzo-soprano

Curtis Moeller, piano

Sombody’s Knockin’ at my Door   Arr. by Moses Hogan
Ethan Blake, baritone
Rex Morris, piano

Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child     Arr. Mark Hayes

Savanah McMahon, soprano

Rex Morris, piano

He Never Said a Mumblin' Word   Arr. Moses Hogan 

Samuel Stefanski, tenor

Zhou Jiang, piano

Give Me Jesus          Arr. Moses Hogan 

Helena Yip, soprano

Zhou Jiang, piano

Behold that star          Arr. by Mark Hayes
Drake Sherman, tenor
Rex Morris, piano

Deep River                         Arr. Mark Hayes 

Danielle Mendelson, soprano

Haeju Choi, piano

Wade in the Water              Arr. Mark Hayes

Caitlin Dhuse, mezzo-soprano

Curtis Moeller, piano

Let Us Break Bread Together       Arr. Moses Hogan 

Olivia Gardner, soprano

Rex Morris, piano

Ride On King Jesus                      Arr. John Carter

Melody Startzell, soprano

Haeju Choi, piano


Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho       Arr. Mark Hayes

Bernny Apodaca, tenor

Haeju Choi, piano

My Lord, What a Morning        Arr. Mark Hayes 

Anasofia Gallegos, mezzo-soprano

Nathan Uhl, piano

Rise Up Shepherd         Arr. Mark Hayes

Philip Godfrey, baritone

Yeojin Seol, piano

Were You There               Arr. Moses Hogan 

Marina Jarrette, soprano

Thomas Nixon, piano

                                          There is a Balm in Gilead         Arr. Mark Hayes                                             

Chelsea Chimilar, mezzo-soprano 

Mary Price, piano

Little David, Play on your Harp          Arr. Philip Kern

Sehoon Kim, baritone

Haeju Choi, piano

Motherless Child        Arr. Moses Hogan

Gabriella Cavalcanti, soprano

Yeojin Seol, piano

Walk Together Children         Arr. Moses Hogan 

Andrew Peck, tenor

Dongfang Zhang, piano

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands      Arr. by Margaret Bonds

Isola Jones, soprano

Haeju Choi, piano

Peter Go Ring dem Bells              Arr. John Carter

Mariah Rosario, soprano

Haeju Choi, piano

Betelehemu   Via Olantunji      Arr. Wendell Whalum
ASU African Drum Ensemble 
Danielle Moreau, Director
Percussionists: Cory Woodrow, Scott Corell
Parker Mann, Emily Okamura, Grace Chaisson.
Andrew Peck, tenor
Studio 303 Ensemble