A Song for Rosa


Traditional Spirituals in Memory of Rosa Parks

February 13, 2006      

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Motherless Child Arr. John Carter
Katie Mogerman, mezzo-soprano
Solim Bae, piano

Rise Up Shepherd Arr. Mark Hayes
Brandon McBain, baritone
Naoko Ochi, piano

Steal Away Arr. Christopher Ruck
Christanna Rowader, soprano
Ann Nagell, piano

Little David, Play on your Harp Arr. Philip Kern
Aaron VanderYacht, baritone
Emily Parkhurst, piano

Were You There Arr. Moses Hogan
Katy Olsen, soprano
Naoko Ochi, piano

Go Tell It on the Mountain Arr. Mark Hayes
Greg Amerind, tenor
Emily Helvey, piano

Give Me Jesus Arr. Moses Hogan
Judith Pannell, soprano
Solim Bae, piano

I Feel the Spirit Moving Arr. Mark Hayes
Paul Jared Betz, tenor
Emily Parkhurst, piano

Never Said a Mumblin' Word Arr. Moses Hogan
Cameron Becker, tenor
Chia-I Chen, piano

Wade in the Water Arr. Mark Hayes
Tori Sanchez, soprano
Mamak Dahnad, piano

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Arr. Jay Althouse
Yevgeniy Chainikov, bass baritone
Zhan Tlenchiev, saxophone
Solim Bae, piano

Peter Go Ring dem Bells Arr. John Carter
Jee Hyun Kim, soprano
Solim Bae, piano


He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Arr. Moses Hogan
Max Miller, tenor
Chia-I Chen, piano

Climbing Up the Mountain    Arr.  Patsy Ford Simms
Jennifer Goma, mezzo-soprano
Solim Bae, piano

Deep River Arr. Mark Hayes
Sean Clark, tenor
Emily Helvey, piano

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho Arr. Mark Hayes
Erik Gustafson, tenor
Emily Helvey, piano

My Lord, What a Morning Arr. Mark Hayes
Yen-Yu Shih, mezzo-soprano
Shu Min Lin, piano

Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child Arr. Mark Hayes
Shelly Gorr, soprano
Ann Nagell, piano

Walk Together Children Arr. Moses Hogan
Jeong Hoon Kim, tenor
Chia-I Chen, piano

Let Us Break Bread Together Arr. Moses Hogan
San Ha Lee, soprano
Naoko Ochi, piano

Free Grace Arr. Mark Hayes
Tara Anderson, mezzo-soprano
Emily Helvey, piano

                     There is a Balm in GileadArr. Mark Hayes                          
Chelsea Jenkins, mezzo-soprano
Naoko Ochi, piano

Ride On King Jesus Arr. John Carter
Melissa Kuproski, soprano
Ann Nagell, piano

Betelehemu      Via Olantunji             Arr. Wendell Whalum
ASU African Drum Ensemble Dr. Mark Sunkett, Director
Pecussionists: Lydia Eickstaedt, Jessica Nelson, William Sallak,
Patrick Schaefer, Sarah Ventre
Kenny Miller, tenor
Studio 303 Ensemble 

Rosa Finale on You Tube