Bernstein Sings!


March 11, 1997


The Best of All Possible Worlds from Candide
Brad York, baritone, Susan Lewis, soprano,
André Garcia-Nuthmann, tenor & Ensemble
Andrea Flick, piano

Something's Coming from West Side Story
Michael Tully, tenor
Deborah Wagner, piano

Plum Pudding from La Bonne Cuisine
Tavouk Gueunksis
Civet a toute Vitesse
Rachel Velarde, mezzo-soprano
Ren Anderton, piano

There's a Place for Us from West Side Story
Jami Templeton, soprano
Deborah Wagner, piano

What a Movie! from Trouble in Tahiti
Elizabeth Maben, mezzo-soprano
Ren Anderton, piano

Lonely Town from On the Town
Darrell Rowader, tenor
Deborah Wagner, piano

I Hate Music! from I Hate Music!
A Big Indian and a Little Indian
I Am a Person Too!
Yuriko Suzuki, soprano
Ren Anderton, piano

Oh Happy We from Candide
Jami Templeton, soprano,
André Garcia-Nuthmann, tenor
Deborah Wagner, piano

I Feel Pretty from West Side Story
Kelly Dwight, soprano & Ensemble
Jennifer Hoppe, piano

Pass the Football from Wonderful Town
Brad York, baritone
Andrea Flick, piano

One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story
Sunkyung Chung, soprano
Suzie Lee, piano

I Can Cook Too! from On the Town
Alissa James, mezzo-soprano
Emily Maeda, piano

Make Our Garden Grow from Candide
Melanie Jardine, soprano, Michael Tully, tenor
& Ensemble Jennifer Hoppe, piano

Maria from West Side Story
Tracy Wise, tenor
Matthew Larsen, piano

A Little Bit in Love from Wonderful Town
Michelle Martin, soprano
Ren Anderton, piano

Glitter and Be Gay from Candide
Susan Lewis, soprano
Klaus Hügl-Mohr, piano

Gee, Officer Krupke from West Side Story
Jason Paul, baritone, Michael Tully, tenor
& Men's Ensemble
Jennifer Hoppe, piano