The Richard Hundley Song Book


November 1, 2010
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Strings in the Earth
Peter Walsworth, baritone
Kristen Whitworth, piano

I Do
Madison Moffat, mezzo soprano
SeHee Lee, piano

The Astronomers
Matthew Shields
Jose Salazar, piano

Sweet River
Michelle Chin,  soprano
Andie Chung, piano

Isaac Greentree
Luke Fazio
Jose Salazar, piano

Bartholomew Green
Catherine Wong, soprano
Andie Chung, piano

Kayte Zhang,  soprano
Emily Kupitz, piano

Sweet Suffolk Owl
Cullen Law, baritone
Emily Kupitz, piano

When Children are Playing Alone on the Green
Alyssa Chiarello, mezzo soprano
Andie Chung, piano

Straightway Beauty on Me Waits
Michael Bryce Jr., tenor
Josephine Yang, piano

Maiden Snow
Nick Fuqua, tenor
Kuang-Li Huang, piano

My Master Hath a Garden
Hannah Bentley, soprano
Paul Tipei, piano

Evening Hours
Eddie Maldonado,  tenor
Patrick Fanning, piano

A Package of Cookies
Josef Curtis, tenor
Carric Smolnik, piano

Will There Really be a Morning?
Lauren Gasic, soprano
Patrick Fanning, piano

Seashore Girls
Christine White, mezzo soprano
 Thomas Nixon, piano


Softly the Summer
Sookyoung Kim, soprano
                   Sehee Lee, piano                         

Epitaph on a Wife
Craig Payne, baritone
Carric Smolnik, piano

Ballad on Queen Anne’s Death
Lindsey Geroux, mezzo soprano
Patrick Fanning, piano

Oh My Darling Troubles Heaven with her Loveliness
Benjamin Soto, tenor
Patrick Fanning, piano

Moonlight’s Watermelon
Kelly Turpin, mezzo soprano
Karali Hunter, piano

For Your Delight
Sam Kreidenweis, baritone
Drew Quering, piano

Arise My Love
Erin Calata, mezzo soprano
Sehee Lee, piano

Some Sheep Are Loving
Justin Staebell, tenor
Sehee Lee, piano

Screw Spring
Tregoney Shepherd, soprano
Ren Anderton, piano

Justin Carpenter, tenor
Patrick Fanning, piano

Bora Na, soprano
Sahee Lee, piano


Come Ready and See Me
Studio Ensemble
Sehee Lee, piano