Stephen Sondheim Song Book


October 25, 1999


Anyone Can Whistle (1964):
Everybody Says Don't/Herbert/Wen
Anyone Can Whistle/Holland/Anderton

Evening Primrose (1966):
Take Me to the World/Margison/Melby
I Remember/Nelson/Anderton

Company (1970):
Sorry, Grateful/Johnstone/Dauphinais
Another Hundred People/Goldstein/Lockwood
Being Alive/Paul/Ortman

Assassins (1991):
The Ballad of Booth/Empey/Ortman

The Seven Percent Solution (1973):
I Never do Anything Twice/James/Ortman

A Little Night Music (1973):
Send in the Clowns/Apéstegui/Larson
In Praise of Women/Paul/Ortman

Sweeney Todd (1979):
My Friends/Newman/Dauphinais
Not While I'm Around/Empey/Ortman
Worst Pies in London/Maben/Anderton
Green Finch and Linnet Bird/Yost/Anderton

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way
to the Forum(1962):

Bring Me My Bride/Cavalieri/Anderton/Ensemble




Sunday in the Park with George (1984):
Sunday in the Park with George/Murray/Enriquez/Murray

Merrily We Roll Along (1981):
Not a Day Goes By/Herbert/Wen

Marry Me A Little (1981):
Marry Me A Little/Enriquez/Ortman

Follies (1971):
One More Kiss/Stevens/Shipley
Broadway Baby/Nelson/Anderton
Loosing My Mind/Apéstegui/Larson
Could I Leave You/James/Ortman

Into the Woods (1987):
Into the Woods/Goldstein/Lockwood
Running Away/Paustian/Lin
Giants in the Sky/Ayres/Kim
No One is Alone/Holland/Maben/Anderton
Moments in the Woods/Murray/Murray
Steps of the Palace/Yost/Anderton
Hello Little Girl/Enriquez/Ortman
Into the Woods Finale/Paustian/Ensemble/Anderton



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